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Narrow Path Music Video

We were one of the bands crazy enough to enter the 2013 48 Hour Music Video Competition(To shoot a music video and complete it in 48 hours – 7th-9th December).
We had a further complication  in that Bonafide was available for approximately 1 hour only for the day we needed to shoot this.
So we had even narrower timelines for this Narrow Path shoot.

Massive shout out our film crew AvJStudio for making this video happen with so little time on location

This song is off Last Days Fam’s SAMA nominated Eternal Effect album.





As part of the “road to the SAMAs” Last Days Fam went out to the top of Joburg City and are so happy to share this video by Balcony TV(Music with a View) with y’all.

Balcony TV is a popular online video series that features bands performing on, yes, balconies all around the world.

Read more: http://entertainment.time.com/2013/02/06/local-musicians-find-a-global-audience-on-balcony-tv/#ixzz2KG7fagSv

Facebook – Facebook.com/balconytv
Twitter – Twitter.com/balconytv

Eternal Effect Receives SAMA nomination

Family we are completely overjoyed about the nomination of our album “Eternal Effect” for this year’s SAMA Awards.
The album received the nomination for BEST RAP ALBUM.

SAMA 19 Last Days FAM

The new 42 track from Last Days Fam album features production from a rich heritage of local and international producers.

Eternal Effect Front

Therefore, first and foremost A special thank you goes to our local producers for making the album so rich:

  • Mo-Artistik – Family First
  • Oneda – KZN’s finest
  • Landmarq - Family First
  • Bonafide - Family First
  • Kitron - Family First
  • Tylo - Family First

Of course a great thank you also goes to our international production team.

S1 (aka Symbolyc One)
He is a GRAMMY AWARD WINNING Multi-Platinum Selling Producer/Songwriter/Producer of Kanye West – “Power”, Beyonce- “Best Thing I Never” Affiliations: G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye West), Erykah Badu and The Cannabinoids, Soul Kontrollaz Production, Strange Fruit Project, Cassette Union, Beat Fanatic, Aeonz
ARTISTS WORKED WITH: Jared Evan, 50 Cent, G-Unit, LL Cool J, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Redman, Scarface, Wale, 2Pac, Slim Thug, Little Brother, The Jabbawockeez, Pharoahe Monch, Diamond D, KRS ONE, Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik, Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica, & more.
Since turning his focus towards hip-hop in 1999, Oddisee has worked with the likes of Gary Shider ofParliament and Funkadelic, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Asheru, Little Brother, and many other respected recording artists. Now signed with Halftooth Records, Oddisee will soon be invading air waves and record stores near you with a unique sound that’s impossible to ignore. With his incredibly distinctive and mesmerizing style, Oddisee covers just about every sect of hip-hop music, creating a sound that is appealing to all music lovers. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Oddisee and his “Low Budget Crew,” including such hip hop artists and producers as Cy Young, Kevin Brown,Kenn Starr, have already managed to leave their mark within the hip-hop community of the D.C. metropolitan area.
Kev Brown:
Hailing from Landover, MD, Kevin Brown, aka Kev Brown, got his first exposure to hip-hop when he heard his brother’s copy of the 1986 Run-D.M.C. albumRaising Hell, though he didn’t begin to heavily immerse himself in the genre until he was in high school in the early ’90s. Soon he began writing his own rhymes, but quickly found that his true talents lay in production. In 2001 famed beat-maker Pete Rock played a track Brown did with rapper Grap Luva, “What Ruling Means,” for Marley Marl, who was so impressed with what he heard that he included the song on his album Re-Entry, which came out that same year. That led to work with De La Soul and DJ Jazzy Jeff, but it wasn’t until 2004, whenThe Brown Album, his remixed version of Jay-Z’s The Black Album (which came before Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album), hit the streets that Brown started to receive real attention. After a succession of collaborations and singles, Kev released his solo debut, I Do What I Do, in 2005. The album, which was released on Up Above Records, had the producer rapping at least one verse on each of the 13 songs, as well as featuring guest MCs from his crew, the D.C.-area-based Low Budget, and Phonte Coleman from Little Brother.


Track list:


Disc One

1.Intro (Produced by Rasco)

2. Soldiers (Produced by Bonafide)
3. What You Doing It For? (Produced by !llmind)
4. Still Here (Produced by Oddisee)
5. Do justice (Produced by One-ndr)
6. Against the grain (Produced by Mo’Artistik)
7.Narrow Path  (Produced by One-ndr)
8. Place of my birth (Produced by Kev Brown for for Low Budget Productions)
9. Peace be still – Feat. Pontsho (Produced S1 (Symbolyc One) for Soul Kontrollaz Productions)
10. That’s Love (Produced by Bonafide)
11. How Are You Holding Up? – Feat. Lerato (Produced by Oddisee)
12. Indigenous soundcheck (Produced by LandmarQ)
13. Christ Rose (Produced by LandmarQ)
14. Dream (Produced by LandmarQ)
15.True worship (Produced by LandmarQ)
16.Yours (Produced by LandmarQ)
17.Trust in you – Feat. Kgaugelo & Lerato (Produced by One-ndr)
18.Not so long ago – Feat. Joystified (Produced by LandmarQ)
19. Sometimes – Feat. Lerato (Produced by Kitron)
20.Rise (Produced by LandmarQ)
21.Amazing Grace – Feat. eteegtylo (Produced by eteegtylo)


 Disc Two

1. Intro  (Produced by Bonafide)

2. To the Top – Feat. Pontsho (Produced by One-ndr)
3. Get it off (Produced by One-ndr)
4. New Era – Feat. Joystified & Lerato (Produced by One-ndr)
5. Flavour for your appetite – Feat. Kitron (Produced by LandmarQ)
6. Trailblazers (Produced by LandmarQ)
7. While the iron is hot(Produced by LandmarQ)
8. Fathers to them (Produced by LandmarQ)
9. Exhale Interlude (Produced by Bonafide, Cuts by Dj Soosh)
10. She’s Gone (Produced by LandmarQ)
11. Needs (Produced by Kitron)
12. Bad things (Produced by LandmarQ)
13. Patience (Produced by Kitron)
14. I’d rather forget (Produced by Bonafide)
15. The Morning (Produced by Bonafide)
16. Light and Dark –  Feat. Lerato (Produced by Bonafide)
17. Who do man say that I am (Produced by LandmarQ)
18. The Air you breath (Produced by Bonafide)
19. Without You (Produced by LandmarQ)
20. Undisputed *He’s Alive* (Produced by Bonafide)
21. Look To You – Feat. eteegtylo (Produced by eteegtylo)

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Last Days Fam rocking Dubstep style


So we have been dabbling on a fresh new concept with http://pilzylee.wordpress.com/ on some Dubstep Electronica tip.

We will will be rocking some  Official Street and Some Eternal Effect  material to some sick Dubstep tunes. (NOT TO BE MISSED)

Check the event details here:


Barely Standing presents the gig that got your ex cussing!!

Fittingly scheduled for the day AFTER Valentine’s day, The Anti Valentine Mosh @Ost
Its not about being single or being in a relationship. Its about making a conscious decision to love everyday and always.

We bringing Drum and Bass, Dub and dubstep tunes to the masses with this one!!

Proceedings hosted by Quaz
Featuring Last Days Family performing their OLD and NEW material to some sick Dubstep tunes. (NOT TO BE MISSED)

On the decks
Cartoon Chaos, Mystikal Ebony, Dj Duce, Tru Jones, Pilzy Lee, MF Benzo, Herbal and Dj Papi
Introducing a special performance by Ondaground alongside TDJ!


R50 @the door or DONATE TIN FOOD and pay R20

Expect the strange in the everyday.. Finding the simple in the ordinary..


Check out Pilzy’s sounds


Last Days Fam alongside Da Truth, Creation Awaits, Recruit and ILL CEEY



Last Days Fam alongside Creation Awaits, Recruit and ILL CEEY with Grammy Nominated artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H 23 February at Rhema Rhema North RAC 6pm. RSVP here https://www.facebook.com/events/318809278223124/?fref=ts

Come check it out!

More details available here http://rhemadatruth.myactiveonline.co.za/CaptureDetails/Registration.aspx

Sowetan Live Feature

Thulani Madondo (CNN Heroes nominee) and Last Days Fam on SABC 1′s “BIGUP!” episode (Part 4)

Thulani Madondo and Last Days Fam on SABC 1′s “BIGUP!” episode (Part 3)

Thulani Madondo and Last Days Fam on SABC 1′s “BIGUP!” episode (Part 2)

Last Days Fam

Last Days Fam believes that there is an undeniable need for hip-hop music that is real, objective, unfeigned and purposeful.
Last Days Fam brings the alternative to what the market prescribes.
Our aim is to provide music that gives more than audible pleasure, that goes further than the senses, that has an eternal effect on the listener.

New Album “Eternal Effect”
The sophomore album from Last Days Fam titled "Eternal Effect" drops very soon. What ever you do, dont miss the launch!